About Founder

About the Founder

Meet Jiten Thakkar – A Passionate Digital Marketer 

Welcome to my Blog!

The business world is about creating world-class solutions using extraordinary skills and creative thought processes to empower businesses. Building an answer is the first phase after finding the mass probem. The next step is to target the right audience employing the most effective and accurate digital marketing strategies and expertise.

I, Jiten Thakkar, confidently present myself as a value-adding digital marketer with proven expertise to empower you to expand your business and achieve your growth dreams and targets. I understand the importance of well-designed digital marketing strategies to boost growth, increase revenue, and drive site traffic. It does that by gaining insight into your target audience, deeply understanding your business goals, and developing a unique and effective marketing plan to help you achieve your business goals.

I have a strong portfolio showcasing extraordinary results I produced for my clients spread over multiple countries. My strategies thoroughly impacted the businesses I worked with and enabled them to flourish and take center stage in their respective industries.

For me, Digital Marketing is what excites me every day to find innovative ways to underlying problems of brands & businesses. I couldn’t be anybody but a digital marketer. For me, digital marketing is not a job, but it’s a passion – my lifeline. So I decided to develop this informative site that keeps the users updated with the new internet marketing changes. I have dedicated my career as a digital marketing consultant to help businesses grow, not just through working as a digital marketer or a marketing consultant but also through my blog. My process of digital marketing is simple! I plan, execute my plan, learn from each project, implement what I know from my experience, and keep repeating it!

I have been recognized as one of India’s valued digital marketing consultants for my unparalleled marketing approach in furnishing social media strategies, link-building techniques, call-to-action plans, and local SEO services. I proudly flaunt my digital marketing campaigns that have helped businesses accomplish remarkable growth year after year. I realized that I had become a role model for many others who aspire to achieve digital marketing knowledge and aim to either serve their businesses or help others achieve their goals. I decided to mentor and guide them through a robust, result-oriented digital marketing blog.  

I’m grateful to receive so much love and appreciation from India, my homeland, and worldwide. After establishing myself as a successful digital marketer and marketing consultant in India, I have become a reliable name in digital marketing to help entrepreneurs achieve a prominent place for their brands in the industry. This hasn’t come easy to me. I have spent decades studying, experimenting, and learning about digital marketing and its multiple aspects. My blogs aims to share the knowledge I have gained over the years through my unwavering commitment to this industry and relentless efforts. It focuses on helping you develop a sharp eye for marketing and branding. It will guide you on using different social media marketing tools and techniques to build your brand image and establish a strong reputation in the market.  

If you want your brand to influence social media significantly and know how the digital world works, you need to follow my blog. My blog article intends to produce ripples in the tranquil waters of social media. The way my passion has allowed me to carve out a position for myself as India’s leading digital marketer, I hope to help and guide everyone with the marketing spark through my blogs. 

Apart from digital marketing, I enjoy travelling, exploring new places, and trying new cuisines. In addition, I love analyzing people’s behaviour, and all this helps me with my career. Thus, my hobbies merge to form a combination that allows for my personal growth and self-discovery.

My Roles 

Digital Marketing Consultant

Suppose you have some technical knowledge about the digital world but need perfection with your online marketing strategy. In that case, I can help you improve your brand’s online visibility, increase lead generation, and achieve stability for your online business by offering my Digital Marketing Consultancy Services. 

My way of working & transparent approach distinguishes me from other top digital marketing consultants in the industry. As your brand’s Digital Marketing Consultant, I use trending tools and techniques combined with my experience and expertise to develop a successful digital marketing campaign. I focus on positioning your brand in all search engines to establish trust in the market employing proven SEO techniques. I guide my clients to use various digital platforms to promote their businesses effectively. I suggest advanced tactics like data-driven positioning on different search engines to create a good brand image for your business in this digital era.

Digital Marketer 

For entrepreneurs having no experience and knowledge about digital marketing, you can hire my knowledge, experience, and expertise to make consistent efforts to increase the visibility of your business in the digital world. As your brand’s Digital Marketer, I leave no stone unturned in advising, implementing, and leading the way for my client to achieve tremendous results and track them easily.

🏆 Achievements

Featured on the cover page of Business Insider Magazine

The journey from being a digital marketing specialist to an entrepreneur who guides and helps individuals and businesses grow was no less than a roller coaster ride. With the ups and down the life never stops. It’s on the individual how they take it. My platform, Local Forever, provides ease for SME’s, local businesses, and individuals who want to get their business online but cannot do so due to a lack of knowledge, skills, and expertise. My company’s mission is rightly explained in the article published in the Business Insider Magazine that has marked me to get featured on the Cover of this valuable source.

Author of Book: Marketing Digital Marketing 

It takes both skills and hard work to become a successful digital marketer. I love what I do, and digital marketing is not a job but a joy for me. I have penned down my experience and end-to-end digital marketing strategies & tips I have acquired over the years as a digital marketer. I am the proud author of the book named: “Marketing Digital Marketing.” This book is a handy guide on digital marketing and targets beginners and expert digital marketers to level up their game.

Founder of Local Forever

I am a marketer turned entrepreneur. I am the founder of Local Forever, the one-stop solution that helps companies get offline to online. Local Forever provides unmatched marketing services to promote brands and ultimately help local businesses in India & around the world and significantly influence social media worldwide to establish their online presence and accomplish desired results in a limited time. The motto is simple to expand the reach of the local business enter the digital world with just one single click.

Individual Training

I have extensively trained more than 500 people to learn the art of digital marketing so that they can work wonders for their businesses. 


I have published more than 150 articles teaching and guiding marketers, entrepreneurs and startups to achieve what they require to realise their dreams and achieve their targets.

To understand how I can add value & grow your business or brand, connect via

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