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Welcome to the blog – Digital Forever, Digital Marketing Blog by Jiten Thakkar!

Digital is the present and future of the world, whether digital marketing or digitisation in the retail industry, services industry, manufacturing industry, and many more. Now Digital is here to stay forever, hence named this digital marketing blog; Digital Forever!

Working in the digital marketing industry is chaotic. It’s like riding a pony through a bouncy castle, fast-paced, messy, and hard to keep up with! But when you get everything dialled in precisely, the results can be massive.

Digital Forever is where the world’s top digital marketers go to get inspired. Inspiration is fundamental to education. It is the sunlight that nourishes our branches to reach out further than we could imagine. It drives us to grow by experimenting with something unique, pushing our boundaries, and challenging our abilities. So we inspire at Digital Forever — with our top digital marketing articles, resources, and industry information.

We focus on the future of digital marketing and new trends. We aim to provide a platform filled with the latest trends and information to help all new to top digital marketers worldwide, the most prominent to smallest companies. In addition, we provide best practices and networking opportunities for all businesses using digital marketing to improve their bottom line.

We come across a lot of content every day in the digital world, but no one has enough time to read them all, and not all of the content is authentic, valid, and beneficial. That is why Jiten Thakkar created this blogging website to have only accurate news and information offered to passionate digital marketers and individuals that want to stay updated with the latest trends. This site aims to share advanced digital marketing tips and tricks in one place. We share & collect the best articles and blogs that cover all the essential topics in detail to make you a better marketer or entrepreneur. 

Digital Forever blog covers in-depth digital marketing knowledge, informative articles on the latest trends, observational marketing blogs, marketing research reports, as well as proven digital marketing tools, hacks, tips, and tricks to create & implement successful digital marketing strategies.

Digital Forever helps in defining and helping you make successful digital marketing campaigns. The digital marketing campaign revolves around several key factors.

Such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Reviews, Online Reputation Management, Local Listing, Lead Generation, Paid Ads, etc.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our blog guides you through building, format correctly, and annotate your web content in such a way that search engines can digest it. Without SEO, websites can be invisible or barely visible on search engines. It can help you increase traffic by doing OFF page SEO and ON page SEO by targeting the main keywords, creating guest blogs, answering questions, submitting content, etc.

Social Media Marketing 

By making good social media marketing campaigns, people reach you by seeing posts. Our blogs discuss algorithms running behind different social media platforms and how to make optimum utilisation of these platforms for your business growth. They share ideas about when, where, and what content of a post will attract people. You will find our blogs informative & help you learn how to engage better with the audience through innovative means and modes.

Content Writing

Good quality content is vital for websites. It can add more value to your digital presence. We discuss the following topics related to content marketing to our blogs to help you add quality to your work:

  1. Creative 
  2. Add value to the content
  3. Search engine friendly 
  4. Keywords quality and density 
  5. Blogs 
  6. Press release

Email Marketing

Email marketing involves building an authentic connection for

  1. Building relationships 
  2. Creating brand awareness 
  3. Content promotion
  4. Product/service marketing 

Our blogs regarding email marketing will guide you to devise such email marketing strategies in tandem with corporate needs and capture audience attention.

Online Reputation Management

Our blogs focus on analysing negative brand reviews. They guide how to respond to the negative views with logic and precision to remove misconceptions. Building and creating your online reputation on the web is crucial for any brand, organisation, & even individuals. By frequently visiting this blog, you can learn how to generate questions and answers on the websites to increase awareness, make videos, and put them on YouTube channels to build authenticity.

Local Listing 

Our blogs discuss local listings, the online entry that contains the name, address, phone number, and other business details to make it visible to the entire digital world. Our blogs will guide you on doing it in the right way as a part of local business marketing campaigns. Local business listings offer more visibility to customers. Every new listing helps you to enhance the chances of being found online. The more directories you are listed on, the more chances of you being approached and acknowledged.

Paid Ads

Whether you want to publish paid Ads on search engines or social media sites, we have all you need. You can make your company successful through the vast experience we share through our blog. By adopting the correct approach, you can set up, post & maintain Ads so that there will be more traffic flow on ads posted in different applications, and more people will contact you, resulting in lead generation and boosting revenue.

Our articles are written by the best digital marketers, industry experts & successful entrepreneurs who practically use digital marketing to their advantage.

Digital Forever blog publishes topics that are intermediate to advanced. It’s a one-stop-shop for the most up-to-date digital marketing news and advice. On this site, you may read the most recent updates in algorithms, the latest shift in consumer attention and digital marketing articles at any time.