Steps to an effective SEO Audit process

SEO is a very effective part of gathering traffic into your website. SEO means “search engine optimization” If you want to gather more traffic into your sites an SEO audit is the most necessary way that you follow. Google is the most popular demanding search engine at present but there are plenty of well-known search engines available which are also popular for different types of searches or purposes. This is very obligate for the websites to follow or run an SEO audit process to rank the page on top of the search results. Mainly three types of SEO cover the whole system of SEO.

  • On-Page SEO

  • Off-Page SEO

  • Technical SEO

On-page SEO

 is the most effective way where you can optimize your search results better than any other way. It tracks a record of your web page and searches for those similar keywords that have been mentioned or used in the contents of your page. It also finds out everything is similar to searching keywords, such as Images, Videos, Texts, etc. It analyzes every single word, text, information that is relevant to what you are looking for and your page appears on the top when someone searches for the relevant keywords. That’s why maintaining quality keywords is one of the most important parts of SEO.

Maintaining the quality of keywords doesn’t mean that you will have to use very unique words. It’s good to keep those keywords as simple as basic words. People are more comfortable searching by easy words instead of using irregular words. Using easy words creates a higher chance to match most of the searches. So, you will have to think differently at the same time very simply.

Off-page SEO

 is also known as the secondary trick after the on-page SEO where you can create your backlinks in other author pages to establish your page. When someone visits any author page, they can get back to you by clicking on the backlinks and this is how you can gather more traffic and increase the authority of your page. In this process google also, transfers some of their page authority to your website. Off-page SEO can be executed through social media marketing, Guest Blogging, Brand Building, and following such steps.

 Technical SEO

Is maintaining the technical errors of your page or site such as making the page user-friendly, Indexing your page according to the user’s fantasy. You can decrease the resolution of the images so that the page can load faster. The page should be made in such a way where you can easily access the site with mobile. So, the main fact is, if you take any technical action for the betterment of your page that is also undertaken as technical SEO. 

There are some key factors that we can follow to enlighten the sites and get more responses. Maintaining high-quality relevant content can gather more traffic. A solid strategy for unique keywords can play a big role to attract visitors. Making the site more trustworthy and reliable for the visitors. Boosting the site’s speed can be a very crucial initiative. Presenting the content in a very decorated shape is also a needful part of SEO. There are some tools out there where we can measure the traffic of the visitors and take initiative according to that. Google Analytics is one of the best tools to utilize for the sites where you can see a certain amount of visitors gathering into your page. You can check if suddenly the traffic gets down and also can measure the time frame, duration of your visitors. According to the Google Analytics report, you can change the strategy of your SEO. 5 very useful tools for SEO are mentioned below.

  • Google Analytics

Is a very useful web analytics tool that helps you to keep track of statistics and basic search engine optimization.

  • All in One SEO Pack

Has some unique features. It generates description tags, canonical tag support automatically. It has a “bad bot” blocker which makes this tool much different from the other tools.

  • Bing Webmaster Tool

Is a much popular tool, especially for those people who are looking to get some ideas about keywords. The keyword research tool is very useful for those who need ready-made concepts for keywords.

  • Botify

Is very simple to use and gives you a clear picture of the current situation of your site. It shows you site loading info, tracks on HTML errors, Counts the click depth, It has the simplest interface which obliges you to use the tool more efficiently. You can use the tool for a very long time, and due to its simple interface, you won’t get obsessed or bothered.

  • Dare Boost

Has some potential features. It can test the performance of your site. The tool lets you know the relevant issues with the site’s speed. It recommends you where the exact problem is, and how you can fix those problems with the actual solutions.

 It’s very important to use the right search engine to get the perfect results. Sometimes we don’t get the expected results and feel so helpless. We can use different search engines to meet our different needs.   10 best search engines are mentioned below.

  • Google

Is the best search engine at present. It’s also very user-friendly and one of the fastest result finders. From children to elder everyone is used to the Google search engine. It’s also very famous for its different features where you will get variant kind of amazing options. Such as voice searching feature, auto-correction, etc. It also has different results for a single search as Images, news, videos, maps, and many more. It shows you the most related results to your search and makes the process easy for you to find your most wanted content. Almost 70 percent of the people chose their priority as Google. That’s the reason why Google became the world’s most popular search engine at present. The journey of Google started in August 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google which was initially known as BackRub.

  • Bing

Is also a very known and popular search engine and it’s the default search engine for Microsoft web browsers, and it’s also operated by Microsoft which was launched on 3rd June of 2009? Bing is also trying to reach the higher level where Google already arrived a long time ago, but It’s almost impossible to chase google in terms of popularity. Bing has different searching options including image, web, video searching along with maps availability. 

  • Yahoo

Was also a very famous search engine, In 1995 it has been introduced as yahoo search. But It’s most popular for providing free E-mail services all over the world. Most people don’t have enough idea about yahoo search. despite it also has a good reputation as a search engine.

  • Baidu

Is not that much popular. But it’s also very famous for the Chinese people. It has been launched in 2000 by a Chinese entrepreneur named Eric Xu. This search engine is consecutively providing services such as website results, image searching results, audio results, cloud storage including maps, and news results all over china.

  • AOL

Is also one of the top-ranked search engines, AOL has started its journey back in 1983 as a video control corporation. After that, it has been named by America online in 1991 and then finally named AOL Inc in 2009. The company is mainly based in New York City and provides advertising services including AOL mail and AOL platform.


Was founded back in 1995, it was also known as Ask Jeeves back in that time. The most interesting part about this search engine is that the answers are based on sample questions. It indicates a large number of archives to answer your particular question.

  • Excite

Is not widely popular like the other search engines, but it has some special features that will grab your attention for sure. Excite provides variant types of services such as Messaging facilities, mail, weather updates including new trends and topics.

  • DuckDuckGo 

Widely popular and known for protecting the personal data of users and is mostly known for collecting information about the business owners. It has been founded back in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg who is located in California.

  • Yandex

Is the most exercised search engine in Russia. besides that, it has a massive presence in Kazakhstan, Turkey, Ukraine, and Belarus. It provides such services as Yandex Music, Yandex Maps, Online Translator, Yandex Money, and many more like these.

  • CC Search

       Was founded back on the 15th of June in 2001 and is known as Creative Common     

       Licenses. it’s free of charge for public use. It provides very rare pictures,           

              Videos, Music without any hesitation of copyright claim. This is a very useful search 

              Engine, if you are looking for something different, innovative for your blog post or 

              Trying to make some quality content for your projects. You can easily get a bunch of 

              Creative sources and free files.

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