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Social media is the paradise of entertainment nowadays. You can express your opinion, and a lot of people can read about it. Sure at the beginning of social media, the purpose was that. But in the current days, all the people and companies are making ads on this kind of media. All the social has their primary purpose, but they can have another function too. Twitter is a social media for comments. You can express your opinion and share it with your friends. The difference here is that you can’t write extensive texts. It’s only a short comment. The post on Twitter is so fast, you can comment about the thing that is happening now. You can use this social media when you have a company and want to take some fast information from the users.

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Because of the number of characters you have, this social media can bring immediate results to your brand. You can promote your ideas and products and stay alert to what is happening around the world. You can see famous people’s opinions and check how you can reach the people you want to buy your brand or idea. But this social media brings some worries for the people and companies. The users sometimes can be a little arrogant and tell some things that don’t fit the company or the person. Once spoken, everybody can see it and this kind of thing can cause damages to the person. The internet is a dangerous world because of the speed of information.

How to create a Twitter

define your name (@). On Twitter, you have to specify the word that the people can find you. It doesn’t need to be your name from Twitter, you can use another, but this will be how the people can tag and see you.
Choose the name of your profile. Remember, you can replace this name anytime, differently from the @.
Cover – Choose a photo that will be the first one to see on your page.
Profile picture – Choose the Great profile picture to show who you are.
Make your fixed Twitter – this text will be in the first place every time you roll the bar.

twitter editing features


As for the messages on Twitter, this place has a short space to write, so you have to be transparent and objective. You can write a bio to tell the people who you are and what your preferences are. These things can help twitter find the people that have the same thoughts as yours. And can suggest the friendship.


This resource is the same in any social media. You can have a lot of followers and follow many people. Some famous people are on Twitter to see what the people are talking about them. You can do the same thing. If you are a company, you can have some answers about your product. Remember, You have to pay attention to what the people are talking about your products, good or bad. Stay alert.

Twitter has a lot of tool to you take advantages. One of them that we will talk about here is tag and untagging.

On Twitter, you can reply to the messages mentioned by the person that wrote before. For the answers on Twitter, you can click on the button answer. Both you and the person that posts answers can see receive the alert about it. When you are writing and answering the users, only the relevant people will receive the signal, your followers, and the person who posts the tweets. The answers with protected tweets are hidden. Only the followers can see it. But you can select another option about the tag. You can prevent anyone from tagging you.

How can you answer a tweet?

But you can choose one option to hide your answer. Find the post you want to answer; Choose the button Answer; Another box will open to write your answer. After that, you can click on the button answer. Then only the person that wrote the first message will see your answer. This thing happens when the answers can damage your image. You can show your answer again. When you want to see the hidden answer, you can make the same process.


When you want to mention a person on your Twitter, you can do it in any place during your text. You can use the symbol @ to tag this person. You can see these messages on the Notifications. When you include several people in your tweet, all of them will be on the notification. If you want to see if someone else is tagging the person you tag, you can search on the app.

Step by step – You can tag a person on Twitter using the symbol @. Before the person’s name, you have to write the sign and write the person’s name. Sometimes the person’s name appears just when you write the @ and the first letter of the name. When you publish the message, the person’s name will be a link to her Twitter. You can’t see the tweets when they are tagged on another account. But you can see the comments that mention the name. If the tweet is protected, you can see it if you don’t follow the people involved. If someone sends an answer to you and isn’t your follower, it will appear o the notification but not on your timeline.

Tag and untagging

The tweeter created a tool like other social media. You can tag ten people on the pictures and messages that you are writing. Then anyone can tag you on their tweets. But they only can do it on smartphones.

First things first: Login on your tweeter account, then find the icon of settings. Go to the icons Security and privacy. You have three options: there, you can choose the option to don’t allow to tag you. But when you select this option, nobody can tag you on their tweets, which is not cool. But Twitter is developing a new resource where you can take out the tag from the post of others. Then you can choose the person that can tag you. If you don’t like the post, you can untag yourself from their comments.

On the Twitter page, you can look for the comments mentioned and look for the three points. When you find you can see several options, one of them is “Unmention yourself.” Then, the link about you will be removed from the comment. When the user is mentioned for the people who don’t follow theirs, they will receive a notification. Then if they don’t like the comment that the person made, you can cancel your tag. But the person won’t receive the information about this process that you did. In addition, this person couldn’t mention you again if they don’t follow you.

Another option that you have is to pause the mentions. For some time, you can avoid people tag you. This option is valid for all people, follower or not.

For the last notices about mentions, Twitter informs that when you receive a lot of mentions at the same time, they intend to put safeguards. When the user receives a lot of mentions, Twitter will send a message of alert about it. This alert will indicate how many tweets you were mentioned and how many users mentioned you. The people from the company didn’t tell when these resources would be available. Currently days, you can access the setting on twitter and choose only follows can tag you or none. But if you have more options and easier access to do it, it will be better. All of this, because Twitter is a fast social media, the things that happen there are immediate. Then if you can take your name immediately from a post, it is the best thing they can create.

Final thoughts

As you know, Twitter is a tool that people can make any comments about anything and anyone. Many famous people and companies use this tool to give their opinion about something they want to receive a fast answer about the topic. But sometimes, someone can mention the people and speak things that aren’t real. At this moment, this kind of tool will be the best choice. Because when you receive a bad comment but this comment is respectful, you can accept because everybody has their opinion. But sometimes, the people don’t have a filter and talk some disrespectful words. At this moment, The “ untagging” option will be the best choice. Imagine that you are talking about the government and another person has a different opinion. Still, you both are talking about the qualities or solutions that the government is doing or will do. You can use this opinion to contrast with your and think more open-mindedly. But if the person starts to speak something about how bad you are following that government and speaking bad words, this will be perfect if you can untag your name. Imagine this person never tag you again! The world will live in peace, at least your world.

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