How to optimize your LinkedIn profile for relevant job searches

Social media are the most accessible webpage nowadays. About ten years ago they were only for entertainment. They were perfect for showing some moments of your life to your friends. It didn’t matter if you were in your house or around the world. But in the last two years, many companies have been using this tool to show their products or serviçes. There is social media for specific purposes. There you can post your curriculum and get a job. Or media about music where you can share the list from your friends, add photos, and talk a lot. Here you will read about LinkedIn, a social media for a specific purpose: find jobs. But nothing stops you from sharing

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some thoughts and pictures. LinkedIn is the biggest social media for the job in the world. It is a powerful tool for companies that are searching for someone or finding your perfect job. When you create an account on this platform, you can add the themes that you like. Then the news about what you choose will appear on your timeline. You can save your curriculum, and people will be able to see your credentials. And maybe you can find a job or find an employee. A great profile can help you to show what kind of professional you are. Use LinkedIn can give advantages to get a better job or stay in front of your competitor.

Create and update your brand

When you are on a company, most time you are a person the works on this company, you don’t have a surname. The company is it. But when you want to be seen as a professional whit name and surname, you can build this image on LinkedIn. There you can insert all the pieces of information about your formation and experiences. But besides this information, so you can share your thoughts and texts. This kind of thing can call the attention of the big companies. But remember your profile has to be trustworthy, imagine you are different in person, and if one company wants to agree with you, they will observe if you are the same person if you have the same behavior. Then, on LinkedIn tell lies can make you lose a lot of jobs.

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Think about it.

How do you want the people to remember you? This remembrance is the main question that you have to answer before you improve your LinkedIn. If you want people to recognize you as an excellent professional, you must think about your abilities and competencies. Know yourself first, and after, you can update your profile. Think about the things that you do best. These things will be your guide for doing a great job.

Update your profile

After creating your profile on this platform, you have to insert information whenever you make a different thing that can improve your profile you might include on LinkedIn. Do you emember that lecture that you watch? Yes, anything that you do will enhance your curriculum. If you took another function on the company that you work you have to insert it on LinkedIn. If you want that people find you, you have to show all the things you do.

Profile picture

Oh my God! You don’t like to take pictures. Some research indicates that the profile that has the profile picture is more accessed. Because it gives the proper attention to your photo, maybe it can help you get a job. But sorry, if you want to improve your profile, you will have to take a good shot that shows how professional you are. Take care with the makeup. Some companies don’t like heavy makeup.

Would you like to investigate if your picture is good for the companies? There is a tool that you can analyze your photo performance: a photo analyzer from snappr.

Choose a good cover photo.

On LinkedIn, you have the cover photo. You can add a picture that can show your values. You can take an image from your own life or search for a picture that represents you. For example, if you are a teacher, you can insert a picture of your teaching or studying the body anatomy in the office, but don’t forget the background. Or you can choose one image that can show who you are. For example, if you like to do volunteer work, one picture of them can help you.

Write a good resume

When you write few words, but you can demonstrate all your thoughts, you write a good text. If you don’t write, well, many companies don’t hire you. Suppose you can’t provide a good impression. You have to focus on your achievements and aspirations. If you know more than one language, you can insert the resume in more than one language. For sure you will get some jobs.


Don’t forget the keyword on your resume and where you need to write. When you write the keyword, the people can find you when they are searching on the browser. When you are choosing your keyword, you have to think about what you do. Ask yourself why people can find you.

URL personalized

When you write a URL, you can turn your link into a better connection. You can build it from your first and last name. It will be easy and pretty if you do it.

Acept and give recomandation. 

When you receive a recommendation, you can improve your profile. You can build credibility if the people that you have worked with make a connection with you. For the people who comment on your profile, try to comment on their profile, then they will give back your kindness. You can ask your friends to make some recommendations.

Enter in a group

It is indispensable that you enter a group that matches your profile. It is an excellent manner to make people realize that you are a perfect professional. But don’t forget you have to post or comment several times to the people who see you.

Volunteer work

Nowadays, the company is searching for people who want to preserve the environment and have empathy. If you do some volunteer work, you can call the attention of many companies. Sometimes these companies have a specific section to take care of this content. Then if you want to get a great job, you have to prepare yourself for some volunteer work.

Good contents

Have you been posting something on Facebook or Instagram? What kind of content do you post there? On LinkedIn, on the contrary, you have to be cautious because there is your showcase. It will be where people can see and analyze your profile. You can write about some subject that you have the domination. The professional will bring you what you are searching for. 

Inside the platform

When you open your LinkedIn, you don’t imagine how good is this platform. You can take some courses to improve your profile. And your curriculum.


Sometimes, people ask for help to access their apps or something on the computer, But when you are learning about a new thing, you stay hours to learn about the platform’s functions. But it is an excellent thing if you try to learn about all the tools that LinkedIn offers you.


If you want to improve your profile, you have to stay alert to all the tools you can use on the website. Sometimes the people enter the platform but don’t know how they can proceed. IF you are a technological person, you will be able to help the peoples that are trying to use the technologies. LinkedIn can help you to find the job that you want to work. Sometimes it can be the job of your life. Then try to follow these tips and study a lot to give a good impression of the people that are searching for a professional. Don’t forget, LinkedIn is a social media. You can show who you are with your posts. Then try to write something every day. Choose any subject that you are able to write and after start to do it. A lot of people that are using this platform are people that speak at least two languages. Then if you are a person that speaks more than one language, you can show yourself on the texts that you post on the timeline. You can write in both languages or use a foreign language to show how competent you are. The frequency that you use the platform can tell the employers what you are doing and who you are. The platform is like any social media that you have an accountant. If you haven’t seemed, you won’t remember. Anyway, if you are interested in finding the job of your dreams, you can find it if you update your profile every time. You can take all the information from this text, and you can read more inside the platform, and after you will be the perfect person for the job that big companies are looking for.

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