What is the role of entrepreneurs in the next generation of leaders?


In general, the more leaders of older businesses work with their next generation, the better opportunities they have to pass on the responsibility to their successors. Leaders who grew up in business families get opportunities to learn. Older entrepreneurs need to understand who can lead their business. The successor should know how to organize the business. Must also have the ability to manage the business. Entrepreneurs should start their succession planning well in time. Let us know what entrepreneurs should do before handing over the responsibility to their successors.

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Timely focus on the successor

Indeed, in family businesses around the world, an advisory board is given the responsibility of choosing a successor. The family council and CEOs also participate in this. According to experts, family businessmen focus on deciding the successor. This brings transparency to the business and the business moves towards success. However, 73% of the next generation working in the business are in senior executive roles. The next generation of leaders is aware of new technology. In such a situation, he can also leave his mark on the family business.

Give chance to a happy life

Once entrepreneurs have identified the talent of a member of the new generation, they should openly share this vision with the family. So that their abilities can be tested in different roles. When you will give a chance to the new generation to lead a happy life. Then he will lead the business in the future and fulfill your purpose.

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The seed will bear fruit only when there is a chance of management

The selection of new leaders should decide to implement rigorous evaluation processes. The sooner this process starts, the better. It should never be too late to start this process. The potential leader needs opportunities to be involved in major projects so that his or her professional qualities can be tested. That seed will never bear fruit unless you give them a chance to manage.

The time needed to learn the basic rules

Succession is a matter of high priority even despite general consent. It is important to classify generation change effectively in the organization. Although the financial and legal aspects of succession are very important, it is practical to think about the personal goals and values ​​of the business. Businessmen should address the existing emotional concerns. If the next generation is ready for succession planning early, they get full-time to learn the basic rules of business.

Must understand who can lead

Businessmen must understand who among the existing family members can lead the business. If it is found that among the family members there is no person capable of leading the business, then entrepreneurs should look at other options. who can lead their business? This responsibility may also be delegated to managers, board members or may be passed on to any other qualified outsider. Entrepreneurs should not compromise on the growth of their business in deciding the succession.

Learning Opportunities for Children 

Children who grow up in entrepreneurial families have opportunities to learn. The seeds of entrepreneurship can be sown early in a child’s life. They play an important role in choosing career options. If the business is a topic of dinner-time conversation, the seeds of entrepreneurship in kids can be sown effectively. So, the next generation who grew up in a business family gets an opportunity to learn things. Helps them to gain valuable business sense. Children growing up in a business environment get the guidance and support of all their superiors. Seniors also help children learn the basics of business.

Encourage participation in training programs

Entrepreneurs should help their children develop their vision, encourage them to attend training programs to prepare them for future responsibility. Children should be given opportunities to learn outside the classroom as well. They should also tell about informal meetings and the history of the company. This is a great way to get kids into the business environment. You should also discuss the industries with the children. It will provide a solid foundation to the children who grow up in a business environment. It is also a great way to prepare the new generation for leadership.

Embrace modernity

The concepts of the new generation may be different from the rules set by you, yet they must be adopted to move forward. They should be appreciated. When you accept modernity then an innovative environment will be created. This will increase the originality of the company. At present, new ideas of the new generation leaders are bringing change in the business houses. Business is getting success from his works.

Amazing results of the work 

Leadership change in entrepreneurship is considered a very complex process. But often after a change of leadership, the work of the new generation gives amazing results. For example, when Reliance’s owner Dhirubhai Ambani handed over the command of the company to his son Mukesh Ambani in India, the company was doing business at an average level. But Mukesh Ambani miraculously grew the business and today his company is continuous success. His business is growing. The issue of handing over succession in business houses cannot be said to be the target. Rather it is a continuous dynamic process, which continues from generation to generation.

Opportunities to learn from successful leaders

The new generation should also get opportunities to learn from successful leaders. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates created the things that changed our lives. He led huge teams, using existing resources to grow. The new generation should also get opportunities to learn from such entrepreneurs. So that they know how to lead.

Talent management is essential

Entrepreneurs should adopt best practices for talent management. The requirements of leadership are changing with the changing times, the new generation leader must be able to adapt. They will have qualities like curiosity, determination, insight, and connectedness. He will learn and grow. These qualities present in the new generation leader should be recognized, and they should be motivated to move forward, then they will work with passion and develop.

labour work for the new generation is necessary 

Entrepreneurs should also engage their children in labour activities. This would prove to be an important course of their genes. Children become aware of the needs of the world while doing the work of labour. This is also one of the main qualities of a leader. In the course of work, he will be exposed to various principles of life, which will help him develop into a leading leader of the future. Through entrepreneurship, the new generation of leaders can learn the virtues of developing sustainable solutions.

focus on creative ideas

In the present era, there is a need to think differently to prepare the youth for the future. Young people born in the digital age are knowledgeable. They have an understanding of every sphere of society. Thoughts of change grow in their mind. Attention should be given to their creative ideas. This will boost their confidence and morale. Due to this, the great leader of the new generation will develop.

Share experiences whenever possible

Entrepreneurs need to share their experiences with children whenever possible for the development of the new generation of leaders. The challenges you have faced while leading your business. Inform the new generation about it. Similar challenges may come before them in the coming times. Then only the lessons given by you will support them.

Explain the responsibilities

Entrepreneurs should educate the new generation leaders about the responsibilities related to business. They should be motivated to adopt the values ​​of humanity. Let them know that when you lead the business, you have huge responsibilities. which you have to perform. You cannot ignore those responsibilities. Otherwise, big damage can happen. New generation leaders should be encouraged to participate in start-up accelerator programs.

Trust is important

Entrepreneurship and risk go hand in hand. The industry is free from the limitations of experience, background, age, gender, etc. The new generation is equipped with an understanding of technology. He can solve all the problems in a hurry. Entrepreneurs should also rely on the wisdom of the new generation of leaders.


Some entrepreneurs lead their business for decades, in other cases entrepreneurs pass their business on to the next generation. For example, we can mention Bill Gates. He handled his business for several decades. Similarly, the leaders of other business houses also took over their business. Finally handed over the reins of the business to the new generation. The example of Infosys is that recently a non-founding member was made CEO there. It is such a situation when entrepreneurs are confused. This decision may not have been an easy one either. When the entrepreneur feels that the dream, he dreamed has now come true, then he wants to move forward or try something new. Such entrepreneurs are also interested in social service. But before that, it is necessary to choose his successor. Timely selection of successor is also necessary because if the entrepreneurs suddenly get a serious illness, then in such a situation they cannot handle business. If the successor is already decided, then in such a situation, the enterprise does not have to face any loss.

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