A complete guide to Google’s new AI tool to covid 19 vaccine searches

A complete guide to Google’s new AI tool to covid 19 vaccine searches

Covid 19 was a terrible problem that reached all the world in 2019. The world was worried about an illness that was taking many lives. We faced an invisible enemy, and all of the people were in despair. Today in September of 2021, we are counting yet the numbers of lives that we lost. Many families are incomplete and missing someone. Scientists and doctors are making it possible to discover the best vaccines to avoid more significant problems since new variations of this virus appear.

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Thanks to the people that invented the new ways to communicate nowadays. Because of these people, we can have the information immediately and avoid more problems. We know that the internet and social media have much fake news, but we can have factual details too. We don’t depend only on the Newspaper anymore. We can have the information from the real people, from the streets of the city. If you can discover the difference between real and fake news, you will receive the real news from the world. For example, you can have friends from the other side of the world with social media, and this friend can tell what is happening in his country. And you can tell them about yours.

Google is the leading browser in the world.

We know that Google is the most used search tool in the world. But it is not only a browser. The company is creating a lot of tools that can help the world to work and communicate. When talking about saving documents or any information, you can use the drive or even social media. You can access your data from any place in the world. Taking Google drive, and you have a lot of tools to work with it. You can meet online with people from any location

goolges new AI tool
globally, ask some questions, publish on your social media, create online classes, save your best pictures, or even make a simple text. When the pandemic Covid 19 started, the world could immediately have all the information, and many countries and scientists could begin to solve the problem. The countries could talk and think about a solution together, facing only one enemy, and Google was the fountain of data to any person. Teachers could help their students to investigate what this virus was. Google is helping the scientist to communicate with each other to fight together against this virus. Then they can have a precise answer about it. Imagine you ten years ago without a cellphone or internet on our computer, following the news from the TV. Can you imagine how much information you would lose? Well then, thanks to the creators of this tool, they are the face of the new world. Because of this fame, we can understand a lot of things that happen in the world. And this can help us to avoid a lot of things. There are many theories about these new information technologies, but there are many terms that this company has to have. When the users violate the words, they can suffer a lot of consequences. Then try to be responsible for your researches.

Multitask Unified Model (MUM)

Google is the essential tool during the COVID-19. Besides the funds, they are donating to the countries to help during the pandemic. Google is creating some tools to help all the countries and the world to support these days. MUM is one of these tools. It was capable of identifying the names of the vaccines in fifty languages in few seconds. These technologies could avoid hours of work from a human. MUM can locate some information of the covid in seventy-five languages. Then sometimes, it doesn’t need to insert the vocabulary of another language. The MUM can identify the several names of the vaccines because it can cross the data and the terms, then it can save the new word without a human inserting the expression and translation. Then, this tool can break the barrier of the language and return the information to Google, and they can calculate the numbers immediately. Then announce for the world.

Google Cloud and Qubole

Google is making some partnerships to help with the researches of COVID-19. Qubole is one of these tools. This tool can help the government to collect the data and analyze it. The governments are trying to vaccinate the most number of people faster than they can. But to collect all the data to have the correct information is so hard. Then Google cloud can provide auxiliary the government to get several options of enrolling to guarantee the everyone is on the data.
Contact Center Artificial Intelligence – this software can scales human action with
virtual agents. These technologies can help the people that can’t work with the gadgets and speak other languages. The virtual agent can understand and speak twenty-eight idioms and dialects. These agents are on several platforms like texts, chats, cell phones, telephones, and more. They can help to collect much information for the data analysis. The virtual agents in New York, for example, can answer the fundamental question about covid, and this fact can avoid an intense flow of calling to the health centers. The Patients call the number that the health center offers, and this system has a virtual agent. This agent is programmed to answer some question that has only one answer. After that, when the people call and press the numbers or answer the questions, maybe the users don’t need to speak with the human attendant. Google cloud is providing resources for the countries that use these agents.

Resource on the research

When searching for information about the Vaccines of Covid-19, you will see all the current information about the vaccines. It will open one menu on the left corner to see a statistic, symptoms, prevention, tests, and much more. At the center of your screen, you can see the information on your site. If you logged, you can see information bout cases and vaccinates of your city. If you want to have input from the rest of the world, you can roll down the page. You will find information from other sites. There you can find information that the countries are constantly uploading. You can have the news about the vaccines and the variations of the virus. The information panel from google has been seen more than 400 billion of them. Then it turns the most reliable information fountain.
Google news is donating funds to create the COVID – 19 Vaccine Media Hub where they support checking the facts about the vaccines. This center will help the journalists to take the scientific information and researches about the vaccination. The health centers are from all the continents. The contents of this page will be in seven languages.

Protecting the platforms against misinformation

A long time ago, Google inserted on google policies the prohibition of fake health information. When the COVID-19 started, they worked to prevent various information abuse from the pandemic like Malware, conspiracy theories, and fraud. They are working on the violations of the information. This team is removing the incorrect information from the products like Google Maps, Play Store, and Ad.

Simple but effective – Google forms

Many companies have started to use Google to make some forms to take the information of COVID-19. These forms shared this information with Google, and they more information about the vaccines and others. This tool can help small companies that it doesn’t have a lot of money but contribute to the numbers of the COVID-19.

Final thoughts

When the pandemic came to the world, many people used to take Google with a research tool and only this. But nowadays the people can discover all the tools that Google offers. COVID-19 vaccines have been the most crucial topic for the last few days. You can find the device for health, education, work, websites, and more. According to the video formation from the google courses, researching where you can get the vaccines is increasing. Then they can collect this data to feed the information on google researches. Google offered the countries these tools, and the people accepted, and if you can get the information about COVID-19 and the vaccines, you have to write on the search bar one of these names, and you will get all the information about COVID-19. You can find the place for vaccines next to you. When the virtual agent attends all the countries, we will have precise information on time. And the scientist will be able to use this information to include in the researches. Then we will have a better number and data about the vaccines like the collateral effects. With this information, they can study a vaccine more effectively and without these effects. Artificial Intelligence is getting better day by day, and we have to learn more about it. But, remember, these technologies are here to help human beings to have a better life. You need to cooperate with the data and help to save lives.

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