10 Quick Tips to Google Posts

Google posts are the most powerful local SEO strategies to improve the local exploration rankings of a business. Most companies use Google My Business Posts to interact with potential customers by sharing their recent activities, offers, products, and events.

A Google post may include an image, a URL, or CTA (call to action) to connect to the parent web page. Only the first 100 words of a Google post are displayed on the knowledge panel of Google Business. These Google posts only improve your local exploration ranking factor. Proper SEO strategies are required to appear on the top Google exploration results. It is no secret that SEO and marketing are inextricably linked.

Your subject matter may get lost in the 50 pages of Google without proper exploration engine optimization. Most people do not go beyond the first page of Google, and not appearing on the first page due to poor SEO will reduce the traffic to your web page.

So, you must get your page ranked in the top explorations.

The following top tips will help you create high-quality SEO subject matter in addition to improving your SEO skills.


post structuringOrganizations make a post more good-looking. You must use headlines to break up your subject matter into smaller paragraphs to give an easy and exciting read. The exploration engine also requires a proper back-end organization. You should use a proper heading format (H1 for titles and H2 for subtitles) to create a well-structured post.

Stick to 80-100 words for each post even though you are allowed to write 300 words. Not all the characters are visible on every device. The quantity of visible characters depends on the type of gadget you are using at that time.

A post is your direct interaction with your clients so, talk semantically and use a general tone.

Focus Word Rich Expressions

Following the best SEO practices, try to put the focus words and the main message at the beginning of each paragraph. Incorporate significant focus word-rich sentences in your titles and all through your post to highlight the topic of your post. However, you must be careful, as using too many focus words will not bring about web engine penalties but also turn off your readers. Use terms sparingly and thoughtfully, aiming for a smoother texture. In addition to the focus words all through the body of your article, employ blog tags by tagging a couple of focus words for each post; most general blog web pages have previously inherent tagging features.

Target Audience, not Exploration Engine

Most people do not capitalize the long-tail focus words to manipulate the exploration engine. Many bloggers and subject matter creators are reverting to the old SEO techniques, only using focus words to boost the exploration results overlooking the true meaning of engagement. If this describes you, it’s time to make a mental shift.

Web crawlers are just scripts. They are not buyers and do not engage with your web page and social media platforms. They are not loyal clients. Exploration engines follow the user requirements. Write appealing subject matter for the readers and answers all the queries and questions of your clients. All of your posts should not be about your services and product items. So, write SEO-friendly content, and make it more informative. If your subject matter is more helpful, more readers and copy bloggers will approach your web page. It will make you and your company an expert in your field and also boost your web page ranking.

Incorporating Visuals and Imagery

Pictures are another source of marketing your business. Make your postings more visually appealing by including photos. Including a picture with your blog article may have a significant impact. It will bring additional traffic to your web page.

For a Google post, the optimum image size is 750×750 pixels, and it should be centered to guarantee that it appears good even if it is cropped. Try not to upload a picture that is less than 250×250 pixels. Review your post before publishing, and if you are not satisfied, try uploading it in 400×300 format.

The picture with text may get cropped or blurred on mobile phone devices so, try uploading a picture without any text.

Establishing Organic Links

Creating organic links is an essential ranking component for SEO. In case your article is used by another web page, links in the post assure a connection back. Putting an embed code to your site for various sorts of material, such as infographics and videos, promotes subject matter sharing in addition to a back connection to the original web page. Creating excellent subject matter helps increment the share ability and probability of it being shared and linked to by other web pages, so go for it!

You should also try and get backlinks from the famous companies and web pages of your country and community. Companies that have more backlinks are considered more reliable and ranked at the top page of Google explorations. These backlinks help you build trust with your audience.

Publish Consistent Subject Matter on Social Media

Social media is an incredible asset that can help in boosting your subject matter reach and advance sharing. You should share each new article and post it to all the social media platforms with exciting captions and a call to action. The true strength of social media lies in sharing, so always have a share button on each of your blog entries. If you want more control over shared links of your post, you should add a Twitter card for Twitter posts and an open graph for Facebook posts to give your shared links a lift and navigate your rates.

Businesses with a higher reach and interaction on social media always get a higher index value. To increase your audience engagement, you should share high-quality subject matter that will trigger your followers to comment and share it with their friends. You should be aware of the kind of subject matter supported by different social media platforms that you use.

geolocation on google mapGeolocation on Google Map

Geolocation of you is handled by using Google My Business. Suppose Google does not have the foggiest idea of your business location. In that case, you will not get an opportunity to get positioned on the top exploration pages when local companies are concerned.

So, it is necessary to add the correct location of your business on the Google Map and verify it. It will help potential customers to reach your business.

Local Subject Matter and Local Contact Information

If you have a web page or blog, you need to very often create subject matter that spotlights the stuff happening regionally in your vocation. For example, your athletic apparel will direct to the sports activities happening in your neighboring area. When somebody explorations for something identical to that, it will improve your pertinence score.

Ensure a Positive Feedback

Google exploration engine always favors the business with more positive ratings. The algorithm thinks that these are the most trustworthy businesses. Therefore, it displays them to a large audience. To guarantee positive feedback from the clients, you first need to make a vigorous effort while serving them. It will make it simpler to demand an audit of your business on Google and other social media platforms. It is also vital to respond to reviews since it demonstrates accountability and respect for your consumers who have taken the time to endorse your company.

Track Your Activities

Track your efforts very often to stay on top of your SEO-friendly articles. Google Analytics is a free and simple tool to follow your site visits and the time spent on your page. To understand how people, engage with your web page, look at the metrics like bounce rate and time on site.  If you notice a significant drop-off combined with a low average time spent on the page, it means your material wasn’t relevant to what they were exploring for, or worse, it wasn’t engaging. Also, to obtain a notion of the virility of your content, check the number of social engagements (shares, likes, etc.). Simply checking out these straightforward measurements will give you a smart thought of which subject matter pieces are generally welcomed and preferred so you can recreate that sort of subject matter again.


Using the above guidelines to the letter, along with some planning, will help your local company rank higher in exploration engine results. You don’t have to execute them in one go, yet you can start with one and see how it goes. Because both SEO and copywriting are crucial components of the jigsaw, it’s vital to employ high-quality strategies for both to ensure increased engagement rates on your web page. It’s best if you also were genuine concerning the services offered.

Untrustworthy companies consistently receive several not-so-great reviews, which significantly reduces their ranking in exploration results.  As a result, you must grow your company gradually and dedication. It may take a while, but it will be beneficial in the long run. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further SEO writing advice if you have any queries regarding SEO, content, or how they operate together.

Jiten Thakkar

Jiten Thakkar is a Digital Marketing Consultant who specializes in SEO, paid ads, content marketing & growth hacking. He is the founder of Local Forever, a complete directory platform for local businesses that helps them in online presence, marketing and complete website creation. He has consulted various brands and business owners in multiple countries to guide them towards actionable result-oriented digital marketing strategies.

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