How To Embrace Resilience & Achieve Success

Turn adversity into power

Adversity, sorrows, grief, problems, hurdles, hardships, and sufferings are part of every human life. without these problems, no one can achieve a soulful mind. Problems make the human being stronger, sensible, foresight, and confident. Man is a very flexible creature of God. He can mold into any kind of habitat. When a man is tested again and again with complications, he becomes more resilient. Resilience produces the aptitudes to stay positive and rapid recovery from hardships and toughness.

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Keep reminding yourself that adversity has no power over you. Failure is part of life. failing, again and again, is also normal. Just do not lose hope, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Through resilience, a man becomes more aware to tackle the things that come in his way. He knows how to behave and handle a hard situation. According to psychologists, resilience is the act of standing strong and acting positively in any worst situation. Adapting good behavior at the time of tantrums, trauma, adversity, or stress. A famous Orion philosopher Viktor Frankl quoted:“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
Resilience is derived from the Latin word “resilio” which means bounce back or return. The word resilience gives the understanding of getting back or bouncing back into the outline.

Learn To Accept

The first step of anything is to accept. Acceptance is the key to solve any problem. When a person is capable of acceptance, it is a high chance that he can pass any adversity. One should never think that this could not happen or this should not have happened or vise versa. Denial is not the answer or the solution.

Keep thinking about the past will not let you move forward. Past is the previous chapter of the book of your life. if you keep reading the old chapters, you cannot move forward and finish the book. Acceptance works that way, it stimulates the tendency to bear the trauma and move forward positively. That is how you can successfully defeat the problem and rise again.

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Keep thinking positive

You cannot control everything, you cannot keep a hold on everything and you cannot save everything. What you can control, is your thinking. Embrace the situation and get your mind ready to act accordingly. Keep reminding yourself that you are way stronger, tougher, and resilient than you actually think and this too shall pass. Nothing can defeat human beings unless they step back and surrender themselves. Things are timely, they broke but the behaviors are infinite. The way you behave in any bad situation will affect you always. Heraclitus, a famous Gree philosopher of  500 B.C, quoted that:

“No man can enter into the same river twice”

This means that the water of the river is constantly flowing, you will not find the same water at the same spot. And when the man comes out of the water he is changed. He’s is not what he was before entering into the water. There is another saying that: “ life does not get any easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and resilient”. So when a man learns how to cope up with a difficult situation, he gets stronger. He masters the art of tackle hardship with patience as well as intelligence.

Reset the circumstances

Whenever we listen to any unusual thing at first, we get hyper or tensed. It is called the first shock for the brain. Your mind and body were not ready for this big and troublous change. But when you say it out loud to yourself, your mind starts to accept the situation. This is the first step of resilience. Think with a different perspective, a 6 looks 9 from the other side. You just need to think differently. Come with multiple solutions that what should be done to make the situation better. This will only happen when you accept the situation at first hand. Reframe the conditions. Do not think that this shouldn’t have happens if I had done this or that. Ifs and buts open the door to misery and pity. Try to see beyond the cloud. A sky is fully loaded with watery clouds and it is pouring heavily on earth, for the people beneath the clouds there is no sky, but those who have an insight knowledge can feel that this thunderstorm is temporary. There is a sky above the clouds there is always the fresh ray of light behind the clouds.

Learn from mistakes

The human being is the sculpture of mistakes. Ever thought about what had happened if Adam and Eve would not have eaten the forbidden fruit? They would not have been descended on earth. There would have been no life on earth. Everyone makes mistakes in their lives repeatedly. Making mistakes is normal but making the same mistakes over and over is something that should not be accepted. Learning from mistakes is an art. Learn from your failure. Failing, again and again, is not bad, but not trying is the real bad. We should learn from our mistakes. Mistakes come to make us resilient strong, confident, and firm in our character. Repeatedly doing the same mistakes can lead us to self-destruction. There is also a saying that your last mistake is your best teacher. Without taking risks, chances, or making mistakes, nobody can grow. Mistakes show us the ways of how things work and what should be the tactics. If the people should have lost hope after their repeated mistakes nothing would have changed in the world. We would still have been living the cave lives. Do not feel self-pity, do not play the victim. You should not teel your sorrows to anyone and gain sympathy, it will make your character looks weak in front of other people. Being mistaken is the first step to learn and bounce back with full concentration to achieve success.

Follow different strategies

Follow the strategies that help to grow yourself. Losing hope is not an option, being a loser is not an option, not trying is not an option either. During hardship, keep your mind straight and think positively. After the hardships try different strategies to grow. While facing a problem, we lose lots of weight and have different anxiety and depression problems. Try to engage yourself in the things that make you happy and healthy. Take good care of your mental as well as physical health. Read the books that boost up your self-esteem and morality. Read the quotes that improve positiveness. Watch motivational documentaries. Hats off to the people who start from scratch and achieve success work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.

Maintain healthy relationships

The studies prove that the people who have a positive relationship in their lives tend to be more resilient towards a problem. He gets good help from the people that are in his life. Moral support is one of the main traits to built resilience. When a man knows that his people have got his back he becomes more strong and confident. And confront the problems in a better way. Positive and healthy relationships are really important for the well-being of a person. When a person knows that he has a shoulder to lean on and a hand that he can hold in times of misery, he becomes more capable to stand steadfast.  

Setting goals

Goals are the powerful traits that help in the time of adversity. When a person knows that he has many more to achieve and this problem is temporary he can back himself up from any type of misery. When a person is doing things correctly and orderly, it increases the positive reinforcement in him to achieve more and more. This is like taking baby steps while ascending a mountain, the more height, the more confidence. You cannot jump high to reach the top floor, instead, you need to take the ladder and climb one step at a time. Your goals will call you and you become more enthusiastic to achieve them. This is the power step to accomplish success.

 Trust your abilities

What you have learned or whatever your abilities are will always save your life. trust yourself and your abilities. if fate has brought you to it that means you have the skills, guts, and capabilities to achieve anything or solve any problem. Your skills, your art, your coping mechanism, your education, your talent make you different from other people. Everyone has different problems. You won’t hear that the whole world is facing the same issue all at once. However, covid-19 has proved that it is the same all over the world. But every continent, every state every country applied different strategies to fight this disease. Similarly, Every person out there applied his abilities, skills, and power to overcome the financial and the lockdown crisis. That is where your abilities will take you to. So you should always trust your talent.


A resilient person can handle any type of worst situation, he knows how to control things. He knows what kind of strategies should be applied and vise versa. A controlled and managed person can achieve any kind of success in life.

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